Curry & Cider Evenings

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Saturday Evenings : Curry and Cider Evenings from 4.30 pm until 6.30 pm, can be either a take out or sit in/out option


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Chicken Jalfrezi
Made using a variety of spices in a tomato base sauce: cumin, turmeric, coriander, chilies, garam masala. Includes basmati rice and naan bread.


Jalfrezi is a Curry which originates in The Indian Subcontinent and is popular throughout the regions and beyond. It is made using any protein or vegetables which are marinated in a blend of spices, stir fried and served in a thick tomato based medium spiced sauce. Bell Peppers and Onions are added to the protein or vegetables. In 2011, Jalfrezi was the most popular dish served in The UK by both Indian Restaurants and Take A Ways, overtaking the very popular Tikka Masala.


Chickpea & Coconut Curry
Our Vegetarian Option and is made using the same blend of spices as Jalfrezi with addition of Ginger, Coconut Cream, Tomatoes and Spinach. Includes basmati rice and naan bread.


Physical  Distancing

We have set up our outside and inside seating areas to ensure physical distancing is enabled. Customers who have not pre-ordered are asked to give one name and contact number per group.


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